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Bingocams is now LIVE in the United Kingdom. Bingocams offers bingo players bingo pleasure with their webcams. It´s unique in UK!
Bingo fans can chat with one another while seeing each other live! Bingocams has also a live customer support with the webcam!

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The Game Bingocams brings a new dimension for playing bingo. Bingocams is a dutch innovative bingo variant. Besides playing bingo, one can use the webcam to chat with the other players (public or private). The chat host is also available to chat with you.
Just use your own webcam at home and chat with other bingocam players. Your winning moment will displayed to all players. Fun you have to show! Besides a lot of bonuses, 2 players each months will (when you choose for a film of your winning moment) receive 500 EUR.
• Make a direct contact with your bingo buddies
• Use your webcam
• Meet new friends and stay in touch with them
• Play tournaments
• Chat private or public
The bingocams player may choose to accept or reject the invitation to chat with other players. is also offering traditional variants of bingo
Social network will be different with Bingocams! Have fun!
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    The best bingo site of Europe. Play together, chat together and win together!

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    Online Bingo
    Maybe you didn´t know yet, but it is possible to play bingo on your computer or your laptop. Easy, through the Internet! In almost every town there are places where you can play bingo. Perhaps there is also bingo played in the local community center just around your corner? In the recent years with the increase of the internet, the online bingo also became popular. Online bingo has the advantage that you can play at your own pace, with of course the comfort of your living room.

    How does Bingo work?
    Bingo is usually played in community centers but now it also played online. Every bingo player buys at the beginning of each game at least one bingo-card. A bingo card contains 24 numbers. The numbers are random. The numbers in the first row are between 1 and 15, in the second row between 15 and 30, in the third row between 31 and 45, in the fourth row between 46 and 60 and in the last row between 61 and 75.

      A caller (at Online bingo= the computer) announces a number. The intention is that, as a player you have to fill out these numbers at your bingo Card. When you are the first to fill out all nummers? Then you won!

        Playing Online – The Internet gives you more options while playing bingo. First, just choose a “Room” where you want to play. You can for example make a agreement with friends to play together in a “Room”. There are rooms where you can play with €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50 per card. It is also possible to play free at any room. You can play with 10 cards at once in the same room.

        Advantages of Online bingo
        One of the advantages of online bingo is the comfort of your own environment to play bingo. You can play it as long as you want. Online bingo is also a social event game like that is at the community center’s. There are several bingo rooms where you can communicate with other players while playing. This makes online bingo games at least as fun as bingo at the community center and maybe even more fun! After all that reading it is now time to play! Just click at

          Do you want to Play Bingo games with your friends through your webcam? This is very attractive and fun! There are also other players that you can see and talk to. Even nicer and more exciting because you can see the “looks” of your friends if they win the round! It’s really fun and very popular!

        Bingo General
        Almost everyone knows the game bingo. It is an exciting and varied game that is still very interesting because every time there is another situation. Bingo is one of the most famous games in the old traditional type of Holland and British games. Ask a child from England or Holland and he will respond nicely how the game bingo is played .Yet, here is a brief explanation how bingo (offline) is done. You buy at bingo a new card with numbers between 1 and 75. For example: you can play with ten friends a bingo game and buy a card each. Each player has a unique card with different numbers. The caller is picking up balls with numbers between 1 and 75. The player who first has a row full or the entire card is full screams BINGO and wins a prize.

        Bingo was previously almost exclusively played at community centers or community homes. But Online Bingo is much popular now. You can play Online bingo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can it play as long as you want. And of course the biggest advantage is that you play it from your home.

          We can imagine that you think, that by playing bingo online, bingo game loses all his social character. What bingo makes so special indeed is the friendly chat with your fellow players. The online version has several rooms, where you chat conversations with your fellow players. This again has its advantages because you can communicate simultaneously with multiple players.
          Just click below and you can play bingo with thousands of people with your own webcam.

        History of Bingo
        Bingo is born in Italy at the year 1530. Italy is the first country where bingo was played and it was called “Beano”, named after the beans which covered the numbers in the game. Following the introduction in Italy the game was soon known in France. There was some lottery started in 1778 with as main goal playing Bingo. There was made significant progress so the game was better known in several countries. Including Germany.

          In Germany it was introduced in the year 1929 and it was known as Beano and the game was played under different rules.
          The name of bingo is actually found when the game was introduced in the United States. A certain Mr. Lowe discovered the game in Germany on a market, bought it and decided to play with his own friends. It was a succes among his friends, when suddenly a person called out bingo instead of Beano for Lowe was actually clear at that moment. He changed the name in Bingo and the game became soon a success.
          The game was bought by a priest who had a fundraising goal. A mathematical person invented a card number by making the game with more unique combinations and this was obviously an even greater success.
          Currently, bingo is a very well known game in the world and is played worldwide. Online bingo is now much more popular than his offline variant.

        Welcome Bonus

        Online Bingo Tips & Strategy
        For us is online Bingo a fun, enjoying and relaxing way of online entertainment. The rules are simple to learn. The last few years online Bingo is, growing fast in popularity. The online variant of the classic bingo game has quite some advantages over the `offline` bingo. Online bingo still remains a game. There are some tips about bingo, but there is not really a strategy available.
        As indicated above, bingo is actually a game of luck. You need some luck to win. Nevertheless, there are some basic tips to help your chances to maximize.

          Multiple Bingo Cards
          If you have multiple bingo cards then your chances are of course higher. You have more chance to call Bingo. The only disadvantage of multiple bingo cards is that the round is more expensive than with one bingo card. The number of cards you can have will depend on the following questions:

          a) How many players are playing?
          b) How much does a card costs?
          c) How big is the price you can win?

          Many experienced bingo players say 4 to 5 cards is the best to buy, but our experience shows that 4 is good enough. It always remains dependent on the card number of the opponents and the total amount money you play for. If you choose to play with several cards than choose cards, which are not similar. This gives you more chance to cover all numbers.

        2: Choose the Bingo Rooms with few players
        The less amount of players in the round of bingo, the more chances you have to win.

          3: Use the Automatic add function.
          If you activate this checkbox the computer can automatically call the numbers for you. You’ll play more efficiently and the risk of mistakes will decrease.
          In this screen you see the best Internet Casinos to play Online Bingo.

          Live Bingo News
          April 29, 2010: New addition to live bingo: Bingo Cams
          Since today Live Bingo has a new partner. This new model is called: Bingo Cams and this site has the ability to make transfers directly with IDeal (payment structure in Holland). These calls are free and takes seconds to contact with other bingo players. This game is hot in Holland.

        Bingo site: Bingo Cams is unique in design and offers players the opportunity to play (on webcam) online bingo games and communicate with other online bingo players. All winners will be instantly recorded by the webcam and all profits are immediately reflected on the website.

          Bingo Cams offers a prime team which deposits, payments and solves any problems quickly and professionally. All payments to players are done within 24 hours. All profits of the bonus will be paid immediately.

          – Tip of the month-
          Online Bingo on your Mac ?
          A large majority of computer users is running Windows as operating system. Only a small part of people at home has Apple Mac. That is the reason why many online casinos and online poker rooms focus on the Windows consumer. The specific design of the software for the Mac is not profitable enough.

        Since Apple is booming in the United States far more people use a Mac and the rules around online gambling also might be changing in the future, it is wise to focus on this market. There are already a number of online bingo sites where you as Apple users can go to, to play party poker or bingo games.

          For online poker is the same story: Many online poker rooms do not care about the Mac user. Fortunately some of the best online poker rooms now care about them! Do you have Mac and do you want to play poker? Visit the following rooms: Full Tilt poker (One of the best sites there is), and PartyPoker. With these two online poker rooms you’re always good and you can play in the best online poker rooms in the best online casinos. More tips to come in next months. Check us frequently.